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OPORD - Operation Tropic Thunder

[Image: m4AKTJIj8XvX8PNFtCvDCu1SrrPBAhoKZL4fvpWA...S-tF6xl6zd]

Date of Publish:


Operation Tropic Thunder

Issuing Headquarters:
7th Infantry Brigade, Headquarters EAST


Date of Deployment:

Document continued below.


Time: 0700L
Weather: Wet and overcast
Current pos: La Rochelle Airport - Tanoa

Task Org:

10A - 2LT Hall
10B - Sgt Room


British Forces have been attacked by artillery and armour while attempting to establish a foothold on Tanoa. Syndikat Military forces are mounting sporadic attacks against our bases in La Rochelle and Blue Pearl Industrial Port

  1. Area of operations - Tanoa is a jungle archipelago with mountains on the main island and towns and industry in the clearings.

  2. Possible Hostile Forces 

    1. Strength: J2 assessment is that Syndikat has approximately Battalion strength consisting mostly of infantry with light and heavy armour operating in the clearings and near military areas.
    2. Morale: Assessed as high due to recent victories against our forces
    3. Small arms: AK47 and 74, occasional M4 and M16's
    4. Hvy Weapons: MGs up to 12mm and RPGs
    5. IDF: 81mm Mortars expected as well as artillery from 105mm IDF weapons
    6. Vehicles: BRDM and BTR as well as very old T-55 and T-72's.
    7. Aircraft: Potential transport helicopters
    8. Air Threat: Small Arms and RPGs
    9. Mine Threat: Medium.
  3. Friendly forces - C Coy, 1 Royal Anglian Regiment, 150 Logistic Brigade, 617 Squadron RAF and 664 Squadron AAC.

  4. Attachments & Detachments - NONE.

  5. Civilians - There is a civilian presence in most towns and cities in Tanoa.

Probable Mission
  • Conduct recon to establish the locations of enemy armour concentrations, artillery and infrastructure.
  • Destroy enemy installations
  • Establish locations for Comms Relays
  • Assault and Destroy Syndikat forces
  • Provide Forward Observation for Artillery and Air Support

1900 - Deploy to FOB Intrepid
1920 - Step off to Comms Alpha

Rules of Engagement



A. (Logistics)
  1. 150 logistics brigade at FOB Intrepid

  2. Assistance provided is weapon, equipment and medical resupply.

  3. Logistics requests to run through Sgt Room
B. (Personnel Support
  • 1 Royal Anglian Regiment are deployed throughout the British held areas and are able to support us where needed. They can also be used to reinforce our front lines when areas have been cleared.
C. (Medical)

 (1) Command of all medical is Sgt Room
 (2) Treatment is to be carried out in the field if possible. Advanced medical facilities located at FOB Sentry
 (3) CASEVAC is available from 652 Squadron AAC only if air superiority has been achieved, otherwise from 150 logistics brigade.
 (4) No preventative medicine required.

Command & Control

A. (Command)

  1. 2Lt. C. Hall will be located within Platoon HQ.

  2. Succession of Command is as follows: Platoon Commander, Platoon Sergeant, 1 Section IC, 2 Section IC, 3 Section IC, 150 logistics IC

B. (Control)

  1. FOB Intrepid, Forward Control Points.

  2. Reports are to be passed to Platoon HQ.

C. (Signals)

  1. Callsigns and Frequencies are unchanged from standard: 
               30.0 Hz - 1-0-A - HQ
               35.0 Hz - 3-1-C - 150 logistics IC
               110.0 - 1-1-C - 1 Section 
               120.0 - 1-2-C - 2 Section
               130.0 - 1-3-C - 3 Section

  2. Communication Priority: CASEVAC, Fire Support, Contact Reports, Supply requests, Orders.

  3. Signals: Red (Enemy) Green (Friendlies) Blue (Helicopter landing site)

  4. Forms of Comms: Radios, Runners.

  5. Codes: None.
2Lt. C. Hall
Platoon Commander, 1 Platoon, C-Coy, 1st Btn, The Royal Anglian Regiment

Medals and Achievements
[Image: southern_stand.png]

Date of Deployment - 10/02/2019

Operation Tropic Thunder

Precedence: High


British forces have cleared the main supply route from north to south of Tanoa however we are spread thin and Syndikat forces have begun to attack our weakpoints.

Area of Operations

Airport south of Tanoa to Georgetown

Main Mission

Find and destroy military installations around the airfield and aid in its defence.


LR : 30.0
Emergency Short Range - 75.0
2Lt. C. Hall
Platoon Commander, 1 Platoon, C-Coy, 1st Btn, The Royal Anglian Regiment

Medals and Achievements
[Image: southern_stand.png]

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