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British Infantry Tactics and Equipment

At its heart 7th Infantry Brigade is an infantry unit and as such our role is to close with and defeat the enemy in close combat. As a member of 7th Infantry Brigade, you will take your place in 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment, joining us on campaigns based on real life conflict zones. Our Operations and Training occur on Thursday and Sunday Evenings at 1900 UK time and each campaign will last a number of weeks.


Training and Development

We don't want to spend weeks trying to teach you how to handle a rifle, and we certainly don't want to shout at you. That's why our initial training is based around you. We provide a 1 hour training and assessment phase to find out what you know and how you perform. This means that unlike other Milsim units, you won't remain a recruit for long.


Realism and Fun

Our aim is to be as close to realistic as possible without stripping out the fun. This means that you may be taking part in a long foot patrol to secure an area but we can promise that you won't find yourself not firing a shot for hours, or needing to 'hurry up and wait' for 2 hours before walking back to your FOB feeling like you haven't contributed. 7thIB are passionate about realism and also realise that Arma 3 is just a game and shouldn't be seen as work.

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